creates an unique energy field with positive effects on all vital functions
mitigates negative effects of EMF
and IT technology,
especially 4G/5G on the cellular level
reduces oxidative stress
and free radicals in the body
provides well-being, strengthens the immune system and promotes restful sleep
structures water,
its bionergetic vitality
is restored

Somavedic protects you, your family and your living space from harmful EMF and GPZ.

★ Somavedic neutralizes harmful impact of electrosmog, 5G, smart meters and GPZ

Somavedic devices harmonize the living space and negate the harmful effect of electrosmog, 5G and geopathogenic zones on the human body; especially the impact of smart phones, WI-FI routers, Bluetooth, baby phones, screens, computers, etc. The electromagnetic radiation is still present – but Somavedic prevents our body from reacting to it.

★ Somavedic prevents free radicals increase in the body

It is scientifically proven that electrosmog generates an excess of free radicals in the human body. Thanks to Somavedic technology and the ampified frequencies of semi-precious and precious stones and their fullerene action, the harmful effect of the radiation on the body is weaken. The free radicals can no longer uncontrollably rise.

★ Somavedic protects against oxidative stress at the cellular level

The harmful electromagnetic radiation is neutralized directly at the cellular level by the emitted frequencies of Somavedic. Thus, oxidation processes are reduced and aging processes are slowed down. We are feeling refreshed and relaxed; our concentration and performance increases.  

★ Somavedic supports regeneration and detoxification processes

The body regenerates and detoxifies during sleep to ensure vitality, energy but also healthy metabolic processes and a functioning immune system during the day. If the body has to constantly defend itself against electrosmog during sleep, regeneration will not take place. The natural frequencies of Somavedic prevent our body from reacting to the harmful radiation. Thus, the body can regenerate well during the night through a restful sleep.

★ Somavedic dissolves blockages in the body and mind

The effect of Somavedic creates a unique stable energy force field in the room, which has positive effects on all our vital functions. Thus, the natural flow of energy is restored in the body as well. The blockages in the energy field are released and the self-healing processes of the human organism are activated.  

★ Somavedic vitalizes and structures water

Somavedic Uran ultra green, Somavedic Amber and Somavedic Gold models are designed to energize and structure water as well. After exposure to Somavedic, water becomes energetically dextrorotatory, regains its natural hexagonal crystal structure and also acquires an optimal pH value. Water treated by Somavedic actively neutralizes free radicals in the body.

All Somavedic models have an effective radius of 30 meters.

Somavedic products are the successful result of years of research in the fields of quantum physics and mineral frequencies in synergy with findings from traditional Chinese medicine and alternative medicine

The effect of Somavedic has been documented and proven through the countless practical experiences of bioresonance therapy centers and non-medical practitioners as well as the experiences of doctors and orthodox medical institutions. 

Somavedic models have been examined and certified by well-respected institutions such as the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC), Internationale Gesellschaft für Elektrosmog Forschung (IGEF) as well as by the Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology (BION).

medic certificate 2018 IGEF

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