Frequently Asked Questions

How does Somavedic work?

Somavedic is based on the principle of the controlled release of energy from minerals – particularly from precious and semi-precious stones in a precisely determined arrangement which form the Somavedic core.

Each precious stone, like all other matter, vibrates at a particular frequency and is able to radiate these vibrations to its surroundings. The precious and semi-precious stones at the Somavedic core are selected and coordinated so that they are able exert a direct influence and to neutralize disturbances around them (EMF radiation, GPZ disruptions and other enviromental burden etc.).

The frequency range in which the individual precious and semi-precious stones vibrate is scientifically proven. This knowledge is used in combination with findings from quantum physics for the optimum adjustment and function of Somavedic units.

How can the precious stones in Somavedic neutralize EM radiation?

EMF radiation has a physically measurable and fine-material energetic effect. Precious stones cannot help against the physical effect of EM radiation. The only way to stop this effect is to unplug the devices causing it. However, at fine-material level the precious stones can neutralize the effect of the radiation on our cells. They help our body, mind and soul to deal with the fine-material effect of EM radiation, they support our immune system and help our organs, which are being attacked by EMF radiation and bring our energies back into balance.

Which precious and semi-precious stones are used in Somavedic?

The combination of precious and semi-precious stones used at the core of Somavedic units varies according to the model and the desired effect. The precious stones are supplemented with precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper and zinc and their radiation and effect are highly potentiated with a copper coil.  

A representative selection of healing stones used in most Somavedic models:

Turmaline is among the most important healing stones of all; it has a classic protective effect against EMF radiation and protects from outside influences. As black turmaline it is one of the strongest protective stones against negative energies.

Rose quartz is used to prevent harm caused by EMF radiation as well as GPZs, Curry grids and water veins. Rose quartz radiates only positive vibrations, is an especially important healing stone for the heart, promotes sensibility, romance, the disappearance of fears of relationships and anxiety and has a calming effect on the mind. 

Charoite helps against stress, frees from anxiety, improves sleep, strengthens one’s position in life and frees from resistance.

Obsidian removes blockages, shock, fears and traumas. It helps to come to terms with past experiences and remove the associated pain. Black obsidian improves perception.

Jade/nephrite provides protection and promotes discrimination, supports the metabolism and excretion, stimulates kidney function, regulates the function of the adrenal glands and removes therapeutic blockages.

Sodalite brings stamina, courage and increased self-confidence. With more clarity and sincerity, it helps us to free ourselves from our own bad habits, feelings of guilt and fears and releases suppressed feelings.

Rhodonite helps in dealing with changes in life and dissolving emotional pain, enables us to maintain mental control also in extreme situations or with personal calamities such as shock, misfortune, bewilderment or panic, relieves anxieties, fears of examinations and removes emotional blockages. 

Aventurine brings courage and optimism but also relaxation, recuperation and a positive attitude to life. It gives inner balance and frees us from worries, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders as well as improving sleep.

How can the effects of Somavedic be measured?

There are at least tree methods to measure the positive influence of Somavedic on te body: bioresonance tests, urine tests and blood tests.

The amount of electromagnetic stress of the body can be measured accurately with bioresonance devices. The positive impact of Somavedic has been documented and proven thoroughly by bioresonance centers, alternative practitioners as well as doctors and other medical facilities.

The effect of Somavedic devices can be measured with our oxidative urine test. Somavedic devices are able to neutralize free radicals, which are responsible for the harmful oxidative processes within the body – hence, we encourage you to measure your oxidative stress levels before as well as after the use of Somavedic products to assure yourself of their positive effects.

In addition to the methods above, the redox state of the body can also be measured through blood tests before and after the use of Somavedic devices.

Why is it essential to be protected against EMF radiation particularly during night time?

During night time, the human organism has three main tasks: Regeneration, detoxification and the production of hormones. However, in the age of smart devices and wireless networks, the body has to produce glutatione in order to defend itself against the free radicals, which occur as a consequence of this modern technology. Therefore, regeneration and other vital processes within our body are suspended. The consequences are insomnia, hormone imbalances and a weakened immune system. On the next morning we are tired, and incapable of performing in the afternoon. Problems such as premature menopause, andropause and burnout syndrome are diagnosed in GP practices on a daily basis.

Once the harmful effects of EMF radiation have been neutralized by Somavedic, the body can fully focus on regenerating and maintaining a healthy hormone balance again.

Can Somavedic protect us from the effects of 5G?

5G produces exactly the same harmful EMF radiation and resulting free radicals as its predecessors 3G and 4G (LTE), but to a far greater extent and at much greater intensity. Compared to its predecessor, 5G is considerably faster and the radiation therefore is far more intensive and the antenna network much more dense. The number of end-user devices will increase exponentially.

All Somavedic models are 5G-ready. They are already equipped and programmed so that they also counteract this high amount of harmful EMF radiation and protect the human organism against the harmful effects of this radiation.

With the expansion of 5G technology it is very probable that in some cases, depending on the intensity of the radiation burden, it will be necessary to have more than one unit for protection at home and/or at work – especially in apartment houses with many Wi-Fi networks or in large office complexes with many routers and computers the burden will be enormous.

Does Somavedic offer protection from EMF radiation in cars?

EMF radiation is strongest in cars. The car body forms what is known in physics as a Faraday Cage. The harmful radiation created by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, car telephones and air-conditioning along with all the car’s electronic equipment cannot leave the vehicle, makes us tired and, in the long term, ill. In modern electric vehicles there is an enormous level of EMF radiation. 

Somavedic Medic Uran mini is developed for the car and eliminates the effects of radiation burden and the resulting free radicals during the journey. Uran mini can also be used for smaller rooms, hotel rooms or at work.

Will my Wi-Fi and smartphone still work while using Somavedic units?

The high and low frequency EMF radiation in our surroundings is still there when Somavedic units are being used. However, Somavedic prevents our bodies reacting to the radiation because its harmful effects are neutralized at cellular level by the vibrations from Somavedic.

What are the health benefits of energized water?

It is scientifically proven that water stores information and passes them on to our body cells. Water Pipes, wastewater treatment plants and other elements of our water supply system imprint malefic information and distort the natural water structure. In addition, traces of pharmaceutical products and EMF radiation can also be found in water. The natural frequencies of precious stones and crystals are able to mould natural information and to “overwrite” negative and pathological information.

Water, which has been treated with Somavedic technology, is freed from this sort of pollution, by having its natural frequencies and hence, its bioenergetic vitality restored.

How can I treat my water with Somavedic?

Ideally, it is recommended to fill a carafe with drinking water and place it next to either a Somavedic Uran or a Somavedic Atlantik device for at least 5 minutes. The water will regain its natural crystal structure, acquire both an optimum pH and redox value and its energy flow will become right-handed. Thus, cells have an improved water absorption rate, are hydrated and can defend themselves against free radicals.

What improvements can I expect?

The Somavedic effect is individual and depends upon several factors. The first feelings after switching on a Somavedic unit depend on the sensibility and perceptivity of each individual. At first most users do not feel a change, but sensitive people can feel the effect almost immediately.

We know of no case so far in which no positive effects of Somavedic could be felt sooner or later!

The first effects

Firstly, the harmful effects of geopathogenic zones are neutralized. This already takes place during the first three hours after switching Somavedic on.

Most people still do not feel any changes at the beginning.

However, more sensitive people can feel the first effects immediately. These effects are of two kinds. In the first case they can feel a change in the atmosphere in their surroundings (as if the air was suddenly becoming clear), deeper relaxation and sometimes even euphoria.

On the other hand, in some people an “adaptation discomfort” can appear which gives rise to unpleasant feelings. *

This is a normal reaction that is completely harmless. This condition is always temporary and usually disappears after a few hours but after a few days at the latest.

This adaptation discomfort is caused by the fact that Somavedic influences blockages in our body. Somavedic gradually dissolves these blockages, the negative feelings become weaker and finally disappear. 

* This reaction can be compared to other forms of detoxification where similar, often much stronger, mostly physical reactions can appear. Somavedic also brings about detoxification of the body. However, physical reactions to Somavedic are rare. In contrast to most detoxification methods Somavedic is a very gentle and non-violent method with a sustained effect.

These effects have been verified by therapists working with BICOM bioresonance as well as by doctors, as previously mentioned.

Warning: Somavedic is not a replacement for medical treatment! The producer recommends the combination of BICOM bioresonance units with a medical examination.

Results after 3-5 days

Sleep changes for people who suffer from sleep problems. It becomes deeper. Many users who had long-term sleep problems have reported that after only a few days with Somavedic their sleeping behavior became normal and they could get up in the morning feeling rested. 

Results after 3 – 6 Weeks

Within 3-6 weeks the geopathogenic burden on the body, and all other matter that is influenced by geopathogenic zones, is eliminated.

Results after 1-3 months

Within 1-3 months the impact of the environmental burden should be eliminated (depending on nutrition, life-style and other circumstances). There is also an improvement in metabolic functions and a visible increase in vitality.

Results after 3-6 months

After 3 – 6 months, for most users who had no serious health problems, Somavedic should have purified the energy field. If health problems continue then it is usually only physical effects fading away. All users already feel much more vitality during this period.  

Where should I best install my Somavedic unit?

The best place is in the middle of your apartment, not far from your Wi-Fi router. In a house, the best place is the ground floor. Sometimes the unit “tells” us itself or we feel intuitively where the ideal place for Somavedic is. It is not recommended to place the stronger models (Somavedic Medic Uran) in the bedroom.

Should the Somavedic unit always be switched on?

In order to get the greatest possible benefit from the effects, the unit should be left switched on all the time. The electricity consumption is minimal – no more than 1 kWh per month.

Is the structure of water prepared with Somavedic units changed by boiling?

Yes, the structure of prepared water is once again changed by boiling. We therefore recommend first boiling the water (for tea, coffee etc.) and then restructuring it on the Atlantik or Uran for around five minutes.

I dont feel any changes. Am I nonetheless protected against EM radiation and GPZs?

Everybody perceives vibrations individually. Even if you do not feel it, your body is protected against EMF radiation and GPZs at cellular level. The Somavedic unit protects you as long as it is in your surroundings. This has been proven through years of practical use in bioresonance therapy as well as through certification of Somavedic units by well-respected institutions.

What is a human quantum field?

All matter consists of information. Our thoughts, feelings, experiences – that means all conscious and unconscious information as well as that from our ancestors is stored in our DNA, so to speak in a “virtual cloud” – our quantum field. If we want to influence or change something in our life it is first necessary to change the field. Reality follows the field.

What is the difference between Somavedic standard products and Somavedic Medic Gold?

Somavedic Medic Gold is the top-class, premium model of the Somavedic product family. Each Medic Gold is individually programmed, gilded with 24 karat gold and certified.

The vibrations from the precious stones at the core of the Medic Gold are extra highly potentiated through a combination with precious metals and a Tesla coil. Medic Gold is many times more powerful than the standard models.

The spectrum of vibrations in Somavedic Medic Gold is programmed and potentiated so as to sort and structure the information stored in our quantum field. This enables the far-reaching activation of self-healing processes in the body and mind.