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Somavedic ATLANTIK

  • Water preparation
  • Structured water
  • Antioxidative Effect

Somavedic Atlantik harmonises the structure, the properties, the memory, the redox potential and the potential energy of water. Redox potential (rH2 level) is one of the most important quality criteria for water. It determines the extent of the antioxidative effect and the ability of water to eliminate harmful free radicals.

Water with a low rH2 level has a strong antioxidative effect and a positive influence upon our health. The rH2 level of healthy drinking water should be between around 22 and 26 rH2; however, tap water and commercially available mineral water often have a redox potential between 28 and 34 rH2. The higher the rH2 level, the higher the level of harmful oxidation through free radicals, which are regarded as the main cause of various diseases.

Water prepared with the Somavedic Atlantik has a higher and more healthy pH value and a lower redox value of 24 rH2. It is thus strongly antioxidative, can catch free radicals and considerably reduce the burden on the immune system and cellular defense mechanisms.

Once you feel the difference, SOMAVEDIC becomes an addiction