Experience the difference

Somavedic crystal pyramid (10x10cm)

Creates a natural biofield in the room

Creates an energetic force field that also focuses the negative external energy of electrosmog. An enormous synergetic effect is offered by the combination of Somavedic devices and the Somavedic pyramid in one room. The living space is harmonized and the natural energy flow in the room and body is restored. Its effect is convincing in the bedroom – sleep and night regeneration improve significantly. Our immune system is relieved and can work much more efficiently.

Somavedic Pyramid
  • bundles various currents, waves and magnetic fields in the room and radiates them over the tip
  • influences the energy balance of the room
  • Special hologram inside the pyramid plays back the frequencies of precious and semi-precious stones emitted by the Somavedic
  • Somavedic pyramid creates a unique stable energy force field, which has positive effects on all vital functions

Once you feel the difference, SOMAVEDIC becomes an addiction