Experience the difference

Somavedic MEDIC

Suitable for family homes and flats, schools, kindergardens, office spaces, GP practices, bioresonance centers, wellness areas and hotels
  • Harmonizes the living environment
  • Neutralizes EMF radiation, geopathogenic zones and underground water veins
  • Neutralizes the effects of 5G radiation on the human body
  • Removes tiredness, enhances performance potential and concentration
  • Eliminates free radicals
  • Regenerates and detoxifies the body

Somavedic Medic provides effective protection against the negative impact of smartphones, WiFi routers, Bluetooth, computers and all other EMF-producing sources as well as geopathogenic zones in our living environment.

Our immune system is unburdened (i.e. doesn’t have to neutralize the free radicals, which are created by EMF radiation) and can focus on fighting other patogenes within our body.

This is particularly important during the night; the body regenerates and detoxifies during sleep, so that vitality, energy as well as other natural metabolic processes and a functioning immune system can be provided during the day. If the body has to defend itself from the harmful effects of smartphones, routers, cellular signals, remote controls and geopathogenic zones during sleep, regeneration does not take place. The body is weakened and, with time, grows old and sick.

Once you feel the difference, SOMAVEDIC becomes an addiction