Experience the difference

Somavedic SKY

Suitable for family houses and apartments, schools, kindergartens, offices, medical practices, bio-resonance centers, yoga studios and hotels.
  • Harmonizes your living space, imprints the environment with natural frequencies
  • Neutralizes the effects of electromagnetic fields (especially 4G/5G radiation, Wifi routers) and GPZ on the human organism
  • Acts against fatigue, brings relaxation, supports performance and concentration
  • Prevents the excess of free radicals in the body caused by EMF
  • Reduces harmful oxidation processes and premature aging
  • Supports regeneration and detoxification processes during the night
  • Helps restful sleep

Somavedic SKY provides effective protection against harmful effects of smartphones, WiFi routers, Bluetooth, computers, smart meters and all other EMF producing sources as well as geopathogenic zones in our living space.

The harmful effects of radiation are counteracted by the frequencies of semi-precious and precious stones emitted by Somavedic. As a result, free radicals cannot increase uncontrollably in the body thanks to the special effects od fullerens.

This is especially important at night; the body regenerates and detoxifies during sleep, so that it can ensure vitality, energy but also healthy metabolic processes and a functioning immune system during the day. If the body still has to defend itself during sleep against the load of smartphones, routers, mobile phone signals, switched on remote control of devices and influences of geopathogenic zones, the regeneration fails, the body becomes weakened and after some time sick and old.

Once you feel the difference, SOMAVEDIC becomes an addiction