Somavedic Amber Champaign

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Somavedic Amber Champaign

Amber is the Premium-Model of the Somavedic product family. Its technology is based on the scientific insights of quantum physics and gemstone therapy.

  • Neutralizes GPZs and EM radiation
  • Eliminates free radicals
  • Neutralizes the negative effects of 5G radiation on the human body
  • Neutralizes viruses and bacteria
  • Harmonizes the energy field and the living environment
  • 4 times more powerful than Medic Uran
  • Structures personal information in the mental field
  • Structures ancestral information in the quantum field
  • Activates self-healing processes in the body and mind
  • Structures and prepares water with antioxidative effect


Amber neutralizes the harmful influences of electromagnetic radiation as well as the free radicalsit creates; in addition, it eliminates the negative effects of geopathogenic and psychosomatic zones on our living environment. At the same time, it influences the structure, properties, memory, redox potential and energy of water.

Amber has a positive effect on all layers of the kinesiologic Klinghardt pyramid.

Amber is particularly well suited for places suffering from high electromagnetic exposure, such as office spaces, business centers, hotels, apartment complexes with lots of Wi-Fi routers, and so on. The device is fully capable of neutralizing the detrimental effects of 5G radiation on our body.

The spectrum of vibrations in  Amber is thus programmed and potentiated to not only counteract the negative impact of low- and high-frequency radiation on the human energy field, but also to sort and structure the information stored in our mental and quantum fields. This enables the activation of self-healing processes in the body and mind.

Amber is four times more powerful than Uran.

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm