Somavedic Portable Button

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Additionally carrying a properly charged Somavedic Portbale (8 hours during the night) not further than 60cm away from your body provides protection against on a cellular level for the whole day.



Practical and convenient energy storage for the way

The portable part of Somavedic devices for daily protection. Rechargeable at night on all* Somavedic models, the small Somavedic neck pendant or its stronger brother Somavedic Button offers protection during the day from the negative effects of EMF on our cells. Do you carry your cell phone in your pocket or purse; your children in their school bag? Or do you even wear a smartwatch or a pair of Bluetooth headphones? Then also wear the Somavedic neck pendant directly on your body or button in your pants pocket, handbag or school bag.

A properly charged Portable Unit (positioned on the Somavedic for 8 hours at night) whether neck pendant or Button both provide an effective protection at the cellular level all day long.

*outside Atlantic

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Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 cm