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When my girlfriend brought home the Somavedic Uran before Christmas I was initially very sceptical. After a while I must say that the indoor atmosphere at home in the evenings has become permanently better. Before, I was always tired in the late afternoon and had to have a short nap to get back my energy. Now I haven’t had to do that for weeks. Generally, I have much more energy and I sleep more deeply and longer than previously. The green light from our Medic Uran reflects beautifully on the varnished surface of our piano – a healthy and beautiful addition to our flat.

Gregor H.

IT consultant, Salzburg

Last year I was quite desperate because I was always inexplicably tired and exhausted. My alternative medicine practitioner recommended a Medic Uran to me. After a ten-hour working day at the computer and with measurement technology I just could not relax before. With Medic Uran I can finally sleep better again, and my tiredness has disappeared. Now I have bought a Medic for my colleagues at work and a Uran mini for my car because of my long car journeys every day. When I am travelling, I always take my small Uran mini for my hotel room. It was the best investment of all that I have made in my health and well-being for ages. I can only heartily recommend the Somavedic units!

Ulrich N.

Businessman and company manager, Vienna

We were very sceptical about the little “UFO”, the Somavedic Medic when our mother/mother-in-law gave it to us. But after using it we noticed that our two children (4 and 2 years old) were not becoming so extremely ill as often and if so, the infections were not as serious and disappeared after a really short time. Now we have changed to the Medic Uran, so that we can also prepare water. Since then the children don’t want to drink any other water and they drink a lot more than before – totally without juice. And the children now play for hours and are very concentrated. We are not going to give up using our Medic Uran. We even take it with us on holiday.

Lucy und Christoph R.

Senior managers, Vienna

Because we already had a water preparation unit installed at home for a long time, after useful consultation with Somavedic Vienna I decided for the Medic model, not the Medic Uran. I have now been using it for two months. What I immediately noticed was that I am sleeping much better, deeper and longer and otherwise generally feel well all round. I didn’t have a cold all through the winter. My glucose levels with DM 1 diagnosis have become more balanced. I have no large fluctuations anymore. And because in summer I drive down to Croatia every two weeks I’m going to buy an Uran mini for my car.

Mira N.

Property manager, Vienna

I work in an office building where, apart from us, there is also a consulate, a large tax consultancy office, a lawyer’s office and a software firm – all with a lot of staff and lots of computers in use. We have had a Medic Gold in the office for several weeks now. As soon as I am there my concentration increases, the feeling of stress disappears and there is a pleasant atmosphere. All tension dissolves and I feel motivated and full of energy. Medic Gold definitely should be in every office where there are a lot of people, computers, mobile phones, routers and printers.

Nicole M.

Student and back office assistant, Vienna

Medic Uran – my daily companion. I have had the little green lamp at home and in the office for about two months now. Both colleagues and family say what a pleasant atmosphere it creates. Because we have several Wi-Fi networks and also many computers, the use of a Somavedic unit is indispensable. Thank you!

Michaela H.

Businesswoman, Vienna

After a day’s work in the office I often used to feel tired and worn out. Since we have the Medic I am full of strength and energy – like I haven’t been for years. Worth every cent. Thank you!

Christa B.

Office worker, Vienna

I suffer from histamine allergy and continual migraines. Since my parents bought me a Medic Uran my migraines have become much less frequent and intense. Now I mostly only get them when I am away for a few days without my Somavedic and don’t drink the prepared water.

Lisa P.

Student, Krems an der Donau

After the tragic loss of my beloved husband I was, and still am, heavily traumatised. Everything appeared meaningless to me. During the night I couldn’t sleep for more than two hours at a time. A friend then gave me a Somavedic Medic for Christmas. I felt an improvement immediately. Now I can sleep through for longer again and also much deeper than previously. I am slowly seeing that everything is becoming a bit lighter and I am beginning to think of projects abroad and to work on my website again.

Birgit E.

Educational developer and former expat, Tirol

I discovered Somavedic Medic Uran at my masseur’s, Stefan, during a stay at a health resort in Altaussee and then bought three units for home and for my grown-up children. I immediately noticed that I was able to concentrate better during my intensive work at the computer and I have much more stamina. My partner and I had no flu or colds for the whole winter. I have looked into the technical side of the product down to the last detail and after our good experience I swapped the Medic Uran for the Medic Gold. I’m certain that my increased well-being and my mental balance can clearly be attributed to the Samovedic unit. During a very intensive start-up business phase abroad I have been able to concentrate and work without tiredness or exhaustion despite an 80-hour working week and despite the intensity, I feel very stable and balanced. This is a completely new experience for me. All my visitors mention the gentle and harmonious atmosphere in my rooms.

Emily N.

Businesswoman and business developer, Vienna

I bought a Medic Uran for home to protect myself and my family from geopathogenic zones and mobile phone radiation. The positive effect could immediately be felt. The atmosphere at home is different, the water tastes much softer and better so that you automatically drink more. Because of this good experience I have now bought a Medic Uran for my surgery and an Uran mini for my car. I also gave my daughter and her family a Medic Uran for Christmas. It is the best present of all for a family with children.

Wolfgang P.

Doctor, Linz

I bought a Medic Uran for work because of the large amount of electrosmog. At first, I could not notice any change. The green light on my desk even irritated me during the first few days and so I moved the unit to a neighbouring meeting room. But over the last few weeks I have noticed that my concentration has increased, there is a palpably better atmosphere at the meetings in the conference room and my colleagues appear more concentrated. I have been testing a Medic Gold at home for the last two weeks. Thank you to the Somavedic team for a very competent presentation of the products.

Johannes P.

IT executive and expat, Dubai

About six months ago I bought a Medic Uran for my office because we have eight computers in the firm. I noticed that my colleagues are in a much better mood. I also use it for water preparation. The prepared water tastes much better and my complexion is much improved. I am very satisfied!

Birgit B.

Accountant, Schwechat

With Medic Uran mini in my lorry, I am never tired and can concentrate much better on driving.

Rudi G.

Lorry driver, Linz