In order to eliminate the consequences,
the cause must first be removed.

Effects of Somavedic within the 5-layer model after Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D.

According to newest insights from biophysics, quantum mechanics and mathematics, human existence can be measured across multiple dimensions. Our physical body exists within a sphere of invisible fields which surround it and permeate through it.

Events, which occur on one layer, also affect all other layers. Each Somavedic model (except for Atlantik) interacts with those layers both subjectively and objectively.

Phy­sical body

Is the sum of our cells, bodily tissue, organs and bodily fluids. Sensory perception (feeling, hearing, eyesight, smell and taste) belong to this layer, which is confined by our skin.

Disease and sickness appear within the physical body. Many therapeutic treatments such as those of conventional medicine, homeopathy, orthomolecular medicine (supplements such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements), hormone treatment (ideally with bioidentical hormones) and herbal medicine operate on this layer. Heavy metal detoxification, osteopathy, physical rehabilitation and therapy as well as all surgical procedures are located here.

All other layers within this model, which are situated outside of the physical body, can be explained and understood through quantum biophysics:

Energy field

Our body, in other words, all our organs, produce EMF (electromagnetic field) waves, which are measurable outside of the physical body. Our heart for example is surrounded by a strong magnetic field, which is gaugeable from a distance of up to one meter away from our body. An EEG – the measurement of the electrical currents within our brain – can be measured from the outside as well. We don’t know exactly, where our receptors for energetic perception are located yet – we do know however, that the electromagnetic fields which surround and permeate our bodies interact with the EMF radiation of our living space, such as natural electromagnetic fields, geopathogenic zones, earth rays and oscillations originating from various rocks and precious stones. Most importantly though, they also interact with both the high- and low frequency radiation of modern electronic devices – EMF radiation.

Numerous illnesses arise in the energy field through the fact, that the electromagnetic fields of our body are disturbed by the radiation in our living environment, with EMF radiation being the key factor in these disturbances. Cures on this level consist of osteopathic treatments, acupuncture, breath therapy, palm healing, massages, and MFT approaches.

A very effective method on this second layer is the balancing of EMF radiation through the neutralizing effects of Somavedic devices.

Mental field

The energy field is the link between the physical body and the mental field, where information, thoughts and beliefs are stored.

This layer’s structure is very similar to that of a computer: the mental field is a storage of information. All memories are stored as pictures in this form. Only when the image is fetched from our long-term memory, it is translated into words by our brain.

All information, memories and thoughts, everything which we have experienced from our conception until today, is stored here. The mental field is the true storage of information, our memory. The central nervous system receives information, which is fetched from the field. Loss of our ability to remember is a question of limited reception, rather than a question of decreasing cognitive ability.

There are many treatments operating on the third layer: conventional psychotherapy, psycho-kinesiology, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), mental field therapy, homeopathy, body-mind therapy, and so on.

Again, Somavedic devices starting from Medic Uran are able to balance the environment and neutralize the disturbing factors which are prevalent. Additionally, Medic Amber and Medic Gold are able to sort and structure the information within the mental field.

Quantum field

There is a reality beyond our comprehension, beyond our language and beyond our knowledge, which coins us, and which is evident in the work with images. We can divine this layer intuitively, but we can’t analyze it with our mind. In physics, this is referred to as a “quantum vacuum”. If we compare third layer – the mental field –to a computer, then we can compare the fourth layer to a cloud of stored information. Our thoughts, feeling and experiences – all conscious and unconscious information, including those of our ancestors – are stored in our DNA and our quantum field.

The fourth layer is impacted by the influence of our ancestors, transpersonal experiences, traumatic events and experiences within the family history, shamanic travels in our dreams, meditative states, foreign energies and their results.

Many healers which have successfully been practicing on this layer, have a born talent. Learnable methods include the depth psychology therapy after C.G. Jung, the work with symbols, colors & rituals, singing, art therapy and family constellations after Hellinger.

The spectrum of the oscillations emitted by Medic Amber and Medic Gold is programmed and potentiated in such a way, that it allows them to sort and structure the information, which is stored in the quantum field. This activates the self-healing capacities of the human body and mind.


The fifth layer describes the mental aspect of an individual.

Death leaves the physical body, the energy field and the mental field behind – they are shed.

The fourth and fifth layers prevail. Each culture had knowledge of this system and described it in a different way. The three lower layers belong to the personal sphere, where as the fourth and fifth layers belong to the superpersonal sphere. Each layer has a profound effect on the ones below it. The lower layers supply the higher ones with energy and create frames and boundaries – for a fulfilled life.

The cause for physical and mental illnesses can be found at any of these five layers. Disease-causing influences can ripple towards the lower layers and only there manifest into actual ailments and illnesses.

Symptomatically, each illness can be treated on the first (through drugs or surgical procedures), second (neural therapy, acupuncture) or third layer (psychotherapy, homeopathy) respectively. However, the patient can be cured completely only if the layer, which causes the illness, is addressed by the treatment. The physical body, the energy field and the mental field are self-regulating systems, which are closely interrelated. The higher layers provide the lower ones with intelligence and control. The lower layers provide the higher ones with energy (fuel) and feedback. Knowledge is passed on to the quantum field as feedback, and thus is never lost.


What is EMF radiation and what are its consequences?

EMF radiation stems from high-voltage power lines, mobile phone masts and transmitters but also from computers, smartphones, Wi-Fi routers and networks, Bluetooth, baby-phones, TV screens and remote controls, DECT cordless telephones, microwaves, induction hotplates and other modern devices. It is scientifically proven, that EMF radiation causes harmful oxidative processes within our cells and thus has an overall negative effect on our health and well-being. It is the primary factor for accelerated aging and the incurrence of chronic degenerative illnesses.

Does EMF radiation really cause illness?

Years of practical experience of doctors, building biologists, therapists working with naturopathy and energy practitioners clearly show: besides other stresses and strains of our modern life, EMF radiation is a considerable factor that puts the body under massive stress and thereby encourages and causes illnesses as well as hindering the healing process.

In 2011, after evaluating scientific studies, the WHO (World Health Organisation) already pointed out a possible connection between the use of mobile phones and an increased incidence of cancer in the area of the head (Link: brain tumor – mobile phone).

In 2013 the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer – part of the WHO) rated high frequency electromagnetic fields (HF-EMF), which unavoidably occur with mobile communications, as “possibly carcinogenic”.

However, government policy has remained silent on the subject – after all, there are billions to be made from the sale of state radio transmission licenses. 

5G and the risks to health

The 5G standard is intended to open up new possibilities in mobile communication – from driverless cars with ultra-fast reaction times to machines which communicate with each other to high-resolution films downloaded in seconds, transmissions in real time and more. However, this all needs more transmission masts emitting higher frequencies. The Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR) calculates that when 5G is rolled out, the country will need around 10,000 additional antennae.   

The impact on our health and the electro-hypersensibility of our bodies and especially the influence on the health of our children cannot yet be calculated. 

More than 230 scientists from more than 40 countries are calling for us to wait with the development of 5G until there is more scientific evidence about the effects on our health. They refer to the fact that numerous current scientific studies have shown that electromagnetic fields influence living organisms even at levels that are far below most international and national limits. The effects include a higher risk of cancer, cell stress, an increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damage, structural and functional changes in the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders and negative consequences for our overall well-being. [1].

What is a smart meter?

By the end of year 2022, a prediction has been put forward that 95% of households, businesses and public buildings will be equipped with smart meters. Smart meters continuously receive precise data on electricity consumption from every single electrical device in a household or business buildings. This electricity data must then be transmitted to energy supplier by either wireless transmission or by PLC (Power Line Communication).
As a result of that, the electrosmog and dirty electricity increases exponentially in all affected apartments, houses and businesses.
In these context scientists, doctors and medical associations also warn of an increased risk of cancer and multi-system disorders. Electro-sensitive people and children are particularly affected.  

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What symptoms appear with EMF pollution?

The first symptoms of EMF pollution are rather unspecific. We could feel stressed, tired and exhausted, have a headache, circulation problems and trouble falling asleep and sleeping through the night. 

Is there a stress reaction of the body or “electrostress”?

EMF radiation triggers a stress reaction in the body. If we are continually exposed to radiation, for example from smartphones and Wi-Fi routers in our surroundings that are always switched on, the stress condition becomes chronic and finally leads to exhaustion of the organism with long-term consequences. After longer exposure to EMF pollution, especially because of the occurrence of free radicals, serious illnesses such as cancer and auto-immune disorders can develop.

Does electrostress affect our psyche?

Years of experience have shown that EMF radiation makes us nervous and irritable, especially with a high level of continual exposure to high frequencies (mobile phones, Wi-Fi). Electrostress influences the production of hormones, especially serotonin, dopamine and melatonin. If not enough of them are produced, it leads to irritability, insomnia or depression.

What are geopathogenic zones (GPZs)?

GPZs are earth rays, underground water veins, crushed zones and faults which show measurable deviations from natural earth magnetic fields. As a result, we have trouble falling asleep, we have nightmares, headaches and back pains, wake up often and feel tired in the morning. When such geopathogenic zones coincide with technical installations such as mobile phone masts and electronics equipment our immune system is weakened and a negative effect on health can be observed.  

Where do free radicals occur?

All matter, including our bodies, consists of atoms and each atom (except the hydrogen atom) is made up of one positively charged nucleus and at least two negatively charged electrons – an electron pair that moves around the nucleus. If one electron is missing in the atomic shell, the positive charge of the nucleus predominates, and a free radical is created. This then needs another electron and simply “steals” one from another atom which thereby itself becomes a free radical and is also forced to borrow an electron from a neighboring atom. This chain reaction is known as the oxidation process.

There are also atoms in the so-called antioxidants which have more electrons in their orbit than they need themselves. When a free radical encounters an antioxidant the chain reaction of the oxidation process is interrupted. This process is known as reduction.

Free radicals are formed in the body as a natural metabolic product; the body can eliminate them itself, such as by its own production of glutathione (an antioxidant). Most free radicals are aggressive and are produced in our external living environment by pollution, UV radiation, low and high frequency radiation, especially from mobile phones and transmitters, smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth, baby-phones, screens, computers, DECT cordless telephony as well as from geopathogenic zones; furthermore from smoking, medicines, especially chemotherapy, stress but also competitive sport and much more.

What is the effect of energized water on our health?

Water is the basis of all life. Fresh from a spring it is alive, full of energy and rich in antioxidants. It can form eddies and whirlpools, charge itself with energy through them, store it and pass it on to the organism. Due to modern water catchment, preparation and supply it loses its natural energy – it is energetically dead. Through the application of quantum physics in Somavedic Atlantik and Somavedic Medic Uran units the water’s energy flow becomes clockwise again, regains its natural crystal structure, a healthy pH value and an optimum redox value. Cells can then take up water, be hydrated and defend themselves against free radicals.  

What is redox potential?

The term redox is made up from “reduction” and “oxidation”, two chemical processes that influence each other. Redox potential is the readiness of a substance to release electrons or to receive them. A negative redox potential means that an atom has more electrons. For example, water with a low redox potential has a strong antioxidant effect, neutralizes the free radicals already in the body and stops the harmful processes. (Atlantik water has a low redox potential.)

How can I protect myself and my living environment with Somavedic?

Somavedic units neutralize the influence of geopathogenic zones, EMF radiation and free radicals as well as psychogenic zones that are created in our living environment by electric, magnetic and EMF radiation and other harmful factors. We all own a mobile phone, a laptop, a printer, a Wi-Fi router, a microwave oven or a baby-phone. In addition, we are daily exposed to burdens from low and high frequency radiation, exhaust fumes and UV radiation. They cause harmful oxidation processes in our body which Somavedic counteracts.

What is my guarantee that Somavedic really works?

The effect of Somavedic has been documented and proven through the countless practical experiences of bioresonance therapy centers, non-medical and energy practitioners as well as the experiences of doctors and medical institutions. Its efficacy has been examined and certified by well-respected institutions such as the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC), Internationale Gesellschaft für Elektrosmog Forschung (IGEF) as well as by the Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology (BION).

Somavedic has helped people all over the world. More than 21,000 satisfied Somavedic owners worldwide are the best guarantee that Somavedic really works.

We provide a 5-year guarantee for the effect and a 30 day money back guarantee.

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